This is a great way of getting Free Steak! Simply buy 3 side orders to complement your superb Flat Iron steak and get the steak for…….FREE!! First course – £4.00 Devilled chicken wings Soup of the day (V) Bloody Mary oysters Rabbit, breadcrumbs, lemon   Steak Course 8oz Flat Iron Steak (FREE – when you buy … Continue reading

Party Drinks Packages

If you’re planning your party with us and you’d like some ideas on what you’d like to give your guests to drink, then look no further. We’ve got some fantastic deals starting at £4.80 per person: But, these are only ideas. Please talk to us about what you’d like, after all it is your party! … Continue reading


OUR EXCLUSIVE CLUB An exclusive club, just for you. The first rule of the Real Food Club is that there is no Real Food Club. Tell anyone and its pain of death time! No really, tell as many people as you like, tell your friends, tell your family in fact tell whoever you like. They’ll … Continue reading