We won’t rip you off

I’ve just left work after a busy Valentine service, looking after some loved-up couples and probably some not so loved up. It was a good night, a great, happy shift for us, as we love it when it’s busy. In my post-shift “warm down”, I generally do some kind of menial task to take my … Continue reading

The rise of the single dish restaurant

The rise of the single dish restaurant Theres an apparent rise, especially in London of the “Single dish restaurants”. A handful of places are going against the grain, and offering limited choices, instead of the usual “x” amount of starters, mains and puddings. A great example is Mark Hix (a bit of an icon for … Continue reading

Make us yours

What do you want from your community? For me it’s a sense of belonging, a sense of friendship and something that I can call “mine”. I don’t want a Mr Big supermarket, or a faceless chain pub or bar. I want somewhere with a responsibility to the community in which it sits. I want somewhere … Continue reading

Would you like me to choose for you?

It’s me, Peter. When I go to a pub, or a bar, I more often than not, know what I’m having before I get to the actual ordering point. “Easy!” you might say. Yeah, you’re right, my occasional pint of Stella is only sometimes interspersed with the odd gin and tonic. But, after watching a … Continue reading

Come on customers, give us a hand here

As a teenager, I got a job with this new American organisation called Safeway who were building a big shiny supermarket in the town where I lived. It was my first experience of a professional corporate organisation with rules and systems. Working for the slave driver at the local paper shop didn’t compare. And the car washing … Continue reading

Get yourself a free Christmas party

It takes two to tango and at least two to party. And, of course, now’s the season of big tables in restaurants full of large groups of inebriated people sharing bonhomie. All firms should have Christmas dos. After being cooped up in the place of work for the last twelve months, loyal staff need to … Continue reading

Who invented sliced bread?

Even before wanting to be an international rock star, or even the restaurateur I eventually became, I wanted to be an inventor. I liked the idea of being the first person to ever have thought of something, it seemed like a pretty easy job and it could make me rich. It was obviously the perfect … Continue reading

Advertising makes you fat

Advertising’s a good thing. Why? Well this newspaper couldn’t be brought to you if it wasn’t for the income provided by the commercial companies and public sector bodies wanting to get their products and services and notices across to you. Meaning it’s a good thing because it keeps journalists and newspaper printers and newsagents in … Continue reading

Is this a Brazilian?

I’ve got two daughters and both of them took their GCSEs, A Levels and went on to get degrees; one of them two degrees. They then went on to get good jobs: one as a lawyer and the other a journalist. It appears that they’ve been very successful and, of course, I take all the … Continue reading

You may think I’m mad, but….

You probably think I’m mad. I’m quite looking forward to going to work tonight… Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But we’ve got a great new team of cooks, a fab front of house team, some top notch British food to get your chops around and a lot of really cool people have booked already (you know … Continue reading