Welcome to our weekend

It’s Friday, any of you got the ‘Friday Feeling’ yet? We’ve got lots of food shenanigans going on this weekend. Not just your standard meat and two veg either. We’ve got things like ‘Barbecue pork belly with wild garlic slaw’ and our famous ‘Oldfields burger’. We’ve also got #thesundaysocial where roasts are £8.95 and cocktails … Continue reading

Cat in Hell

Cats love me. I don’t know why, but they like to jump up on my knees and get fur up my nose. Our most recent cat – acquired a few years ago due to the demise of the previous incumbent and after a respectful period of mourning – is, according to the rescue home from … Continue reading

Alarmingly deaf

I thought I’d get tired of the subject. After all, I’ve read so many articles about it, listened to commentator after commentator go on about it and, of course, we’ve all winged to each other about it on numerous occasions. It’s that scourge of the modern society: mobile phones. We all hate them but nearly … Continue reading

Dog fish – sort of

Here’s a riddle for you. What sounds like a dog but smells like a fish? Well it’s the Scarborough Woof so named because it’s got four legs, is covered in hair and digs holes in the beach. Actually, I made up those last three bits. But there is definitely a fish colloquially known as the … Continue reading

Lose weight and save fuel

I use to work for an energy giant; one of those companies frequently vilified for being uncaring about our environment and shareholder-pressured in their quest for ever greater profit. But the division I worked for wasn’t trying to sell more oil or gas. Rather, it was making its money by investing in energy efficient technology … Continue reading

What's cooking? Nothing – and it's a disgrace

I was at a function in our restaurant some weeks ago where I was invited to give a talk about the restaurant, how we source ingredients and my general thoughts about food. I got on my usual soapbox bemoaning the lack of cooking lessons in school and got some sympathetic nods from the 20 or … Continue reading

British and proud of it

Over the last 25 years or so, I’ve been lucky enough to have spent many happy holidays in rural France, sampling the various regions’ wines, their local dishes and making the French feel superior when listening to me attempting to speak their language. At first, as far as my hosts were concerned, none of this … Continue reading

Does slow mean slow?

Without meaning to sound like a London cab driver, I had that Jonathon Porritt in the restaurant some time ago. For the uninitiated, he’s a well known environmental campaigner, a previous chairman of the UK Ecology Party (now known as the Green Party) and senior advisor to governments on all things green – in an … Continue reading

Olympic ideals

I’m careful about who we use to supply our restaurant. There are certain meat suppliers in the North East with whom I wouldn’t begin to associate ourselves as they don’t match the standards and values we’ve set. We couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t believe in our suppliers and the raw materials we … Continue reading

Friends 'round to eat

  “How can you rear them and then eat them?”, I’m frequently asked. It’s true, I get a tremendous amount of joy out of rearing a few animals; not least the pigs. They’re such fun, intelligent and affectionate animals that I’m frequently to be found inside the electric fencing of their paddock, sitting on the … Continue reading