Autumn Nights

It’s getting darker, we love it. it means that the food gets cosier.


Here’s our Evening Menu:

First course

Today’s soup| Bread| Butter (v)

Cured Salmon | Bloody Mary rose sauce

Goats cheese tart| Balsamic dressing (v)

Squid | Garlic | Cream

Calves Liver | Mashed potato | Pan fried jus

Chicken parcels| Basil oil | Tomato relish

All £6.50

Second course

10oz Sirloin | Chips | Onion rings |Grilled tomato | Watercress salad | (£4.50 supplement)

Durham feta | Bean salad | Poached egg (v)

Pork shoulder | Garlic croquette | Creamed greens

Beef burger | Oak smoked cheddar | Chilli jam | Chips

Pan fried cod | Kale | tomato tapenade| crushed new potatoes

Pan Haggerty | Fried egg | Creamed greens (v)

Oven Baked Sole | Baby Jackets | Side Salad

All £17.50


Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream

British cheeseboard, chutney and hand made biscuits

Beckleberries ice cream selection

Chocolate tart with Chantilly cream

Summer berry pudding with crème fraiche

White chocolate panacotta with raspberry compote

 All £5.00

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