Sizzling Sundays

Sunday night…. You’ve done the lawn, you’ve watched the footy, you can’t be a***d to cook and you fancy a sizzling supper:

Get on this £17, for 2 courses!

First course

 Today’s soup| Bread| Butter (v)

Squid | Garlic | Cream

Goats cheese tart| Balsamic dressing (v)

Garlic Mushrooms

All £4.50



Second course

10oz Sirloin | Chips | Onion rings | Peas | (£4.50 supplement)

Flat Iron Steak | Chips | Peas

Mixed Grill | steak | Gammon | Sausage | Fried Egg | chips | Peas

Grilled Gammon | Fried egg | chips | peas

Summer feta | Bean salad | Poached egg (v)

Beef burger | Oak smoked cheddar | Home made tomato ketchup| Chips

Pan Haggerty | Fried egg | Creamed greens  (v)

All £12.50

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