Lunch ‘n’ that


Here’s our lunch menu:

2 courses £13.50; 3 courses £15.50

First Course

Todays soup | Bread roll | Butter (v)

Pork terrine | Pea puree | Mint

Jack sprats | Wild garlic mayo

Mushrooms | Toast | Garlic (v)


Second course

Pan haggerty | Creamed greens (v)

Shin beef | Clapshot

Mackerel | Pearl barley | Egg | Ramson

Venison sausage | Mash | Gravy

Side orders £2.25

Mashed potato

Creamed greens

House salad
Thick-cut twice cooked chips

Fried egg (£1.00)

Onion rings



Famous sticky toffee | Butterscotch | Vanilla ice cream

Strawberries | Whipped cream | Messed meringues

Apple and cinnamon tart | Red berries | Custard

Ice cream selection

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