A bit of an admission…

It’s 8pm, on a rainy Tuesday night and I’m at home cooking for me and the girlfriend. I’m cooking risotto. Chicken and chorizo to be precise. I’ve got BBC 6 Music and Mark Radcliffe on the wireless and I tell you what, it’s so so so thereputic.

The stir, stir, stir, in a wonderful figure 8 action makes me feel a world away from everything. Just comfortable, really comfortable.

It brings me to some sort of admission:

Here at Oldfields, we just aren’t comfortable enough for you, our loyal customer.

In fact you’re not a customer, you’re a guest at our dinner party.

Our stuffy black and white uniforms don’t make you feel at home, and our food, although very nice doesn’t make you want to sit back and cosy up.

And I’m sorry for that……..

So, I’ve decided;

Gone are our black and white uniforms. We’re replacing them.

I’m instructing Jonny (our new head chef) to ensure that the new menu he’s writing, is the most comfortable menu we’ve ever had.

We’re not gonna call you sir and Madam, we’re gonna learn your name.

All so you feel comfortable.

That starts tomorrow.

So come and try us, feel comfortable.


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