Planning without permission

Bill Oldfield

Oldfields Restaurant on Claypath, Durham The well-known restaurant on Claypath in Durham

Driving back from London late one Sunday evening a few weeks ago, I found the A1 closed for maintenance somewhere in the depths of Northamptonshire or Nottinghamshire or some other such sounding place. Annoying. You somehow think that because you’ve chosen a quiet time to travel, you can control the long journey and arrive home at approximately the time you’ve estimated. But I couldn’t because some external factor had got in the way in the shape of hundreds of traffic cones and a confusion of glowing yellow diversion signs.

So driving into the dark unknown rural diversion recommended by the signs, I obviously looked for a quicker way to get back to the A1 north of the blockage because, in my wisdom, I thought I knew better than those pesky maintenance contractors. I didn’t. And only had this confirmed some hour or two…

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