Lunchtime and Early Evening

Are you one of those who “Lunch out”?

Or maybe you’re one of our “Earlybirds”?

Whichever you are, we’ve a lovely menu for you this month:

2 courses £13.50; 3 courses £15.50

First course

Soup: Today’s choice – ask the staff
Goats cheese: in a tart with house salad (v)
Pressed pork: Bramley apples & toast
Asparagus: Pearl barley, mushrooms and breadcrumbs (v)
Sardines: in a green sauce with smoked cheese salad


Second course

Shin beef: slow-braised with carrot mash (Bill’s hint: order some wilted greens)
Pan haggerty: with poached egg and creamed peas (v)
Fishcake: smoked fish, white wine sauce & wilted greens (Bill’s hint: add a house salad)
Belly pork: with black pudding, mustard, chive and endive
Bangers & mash: pork and leek sausage, mashed potato & gravy



Our famous sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and ice cream
Lemon curd Eton mess
Apple slice, ginger custard, fresh cream
British cheeseboard (£2 extra)
Beckleberry’s ice cream selection

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