April Menu

Welcome to April! Great month for food, great month to start foraging and looking for your food.

We’ve welcomed back some old favourites that we know you all love:

First course

Chicken: in pastry with apple chutney
Soup: changes daily, ask the staff for details (v)
Mussels: in a fresh garlic cream
Fishcakes: Smoked fish, white wine cream, fried egg
Sardines: in a green sauce with smoked cheese salad
Pan haggerty: with poached egg and creamed peas (v)
Belly pork: with black pudding, mustard, chive and endive
Mutton: lightly curried with flatbread & yoghurt
Mushrooms: on toast with garlic (v)

All £6.50


Second Course


All £17.50

Wild rabbit: suet pudding with black pudding, savoy cabbage
Pork shoulder: Roast apple, creamed potatoes, baby carrot
8oz Flat iron steak: cooked medium, with sweet fried onions, chips & mushroom ketchup
Chicken: cider and baby onion sauce, Duchess potato, spring cabbage
Beef brisket: Pan haggerty, creamed spring peas
8oz Rib-eye steak: sweet fried onions, grilled tomato, mushroom ketchup & chips (add £4.50)


All £17.50

Asparagus: Pearl barley risotto, with wild mushroom & poached egg (v)
Cod: Parcel baked with parma ham, fennel, tomatoes
Onion and leeks: Creamed in a pudding with mash and spring cabbage (v)
Sea bass: Sweet potato salad, grilled fennel, baby spinach, fried wild garlic


Side orders £3.25

Mashed potato
Creamed peas
House salad
Thick-cut twice cooked chips
Sweet potato salad
Spring cabbage
Garlic mushrooms


All £5.00

Crème Brulee: clotted cream and marinated strawberries
Sticky toffee: our famous pudding with butterscotch & vanilla ice cream

Cheeseboard: a selection of British cheeses with chutney
Chocolate mousse: grated coffee and peanut brittle
Lemon syllabub: lemon curd, ginger snap biscuit
Apple slice: ginger custard, fresh cream
Chocolate: brownie with cream, hazelnuts and honey
Ice Cream: made in Blaydon by Beckleberrys

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