FREE STEAK – Seriously!

It’s true. We’re giving away steak. But only on a Tuesday, 5pm – 8pm. Hence the name: Free Steak Tuesday.

Simply buy 3 side orders and a sauce and get a free 8oz Flat Iron steak.You can even upgrade to a Rib Eye for just £5.00.

Simple as that. Here’s our menu:


Sardines: in a green sauce with smoked cheese salad

Pressed pork: bramley apples and toast

Soup: Today’s choice – ask the staff (v)

Goats cheese: in a creamy tart with house salad (v)

 All £4.00


Flat iron steak (FREE when you buy 3 sides and a sauce from below)

8oz Rib-eye steak (Upgrade for £5.00)

SIDES – £3.00

Thick-cut chips
Garlic mushrooms
Sweet potato salad
Fried onions
Creamed peas

SAUCES – £2.00

Béarnaise sauce
Peppercorn sauce
Cider and baby onion sauce
Mushroom ketchup

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