Time flies when you’re having fun

Where has time gone? It’s February already, time for our 2nd menu of the year. And guess what? Contrary to all rumours, we’re still here. Yaaaay!

Here we go with our February menu to tantalise your tastebuds. For the veggies amongst you lot, we’ve added an extra dish per course as we know that in the past we haven’t been as nice to you!

Here goes:

First course

Muffin: smoked cheese, poached egg and grilled pancetta (V available)

Pork: Potted shoulder, goose fat, pickles and shallots

Smoked haddock: fishcakes, white wine sauce and fried egg

Shetland mussels: smoked bacon and tomato casserole

Goats cheese: baked beetroot and horseradish (V)

Mutton: slow-cooked and curried with home-made flatbread

Soup: apple and celery root with toasted walnuts and Morden blue cheese (V)

All £6.50


Second course

Belly pork: with chilli squid, scallions & fennel

Lamb: with Sedgefield feta pan haggerty and pistachio

Sea bass: peas, broad beans, mint and spiced sausage

Curry: cauliflower and potato curry with spiced onion fritters (V)

Chicken: stuffed with venison, mashed potato & baby onion jus

Aubergine: bread crumbed with Ribblesdale cheese, fried hens egg and capers (V)

Seafood Kedgeree: with langoustines, cockles and mussels

Celeriac tart: savoy cabbage, beetroot & roast shallots (V)

All £17.00

Rib-eye steak: sweet fried onions, grilled tomato, mushroom ketchup & chips £21.50

Gammon:  fried egg, chips & pineapple chutney £15.90

Flat iron steak: cooked medium, with sweet fried onions, chips & mushroom ketchup £17.50


Pear: poached with a raspberry and ginger custard trifle

Sticky toffee: our famous pudding with butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice cream

Cheeseboard: a selection of British cheeses with chutney

Apricot: tatin with clotted cream ice cream

Mess: Ginger nut and lemon Eton style

Apple: slow-cooked with a crumble top served with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate: brownie with cream, hazelnuts and honey

Ice Cream: made in Blaydon by Beckleberrys

All £5.00

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