Supper during Summer

Rightio, summer is definitely here. We’ve got a fab new menu to tell you about.

So, without no futher ado:


Belly pork – spiced pork with beetroot & apple slaw £6.20

Mackerel – mackerel fillet & rhubarb chutney on artisan toast £5.80

Baby gem – blue cheese dressing, salted walnuts & baby gem £5.50 (v)

Soup – changes daily, ask the staff for details £4.50 (V)

Asparagus – British asparagus, cured ham & Hollandaise£6.00

Lentils– potato, pea & lentil curry, yoghurt and flatbread £6.00 (V)

Prawns – chilli dressing, coriander & lime salad £6.00



Calves liver – potato rosti & carrot with gooseberry jam £13.80

Lamb shank – curried, with rice & peas £16.00

Pork– loin of pork with cockles, spring onion potatoes £15.00

Chicken – mustard mash, cider & baby onion sauce£15.30


Sedgefield Camembert grill – thyme studded with fat chips £14.50(V)

Sirloin steak – with fat chips, tomato & mushrooms £21.50

Surf and turf – Flat Iron steak, langoustines, chips £20.00

(This can only be done rare or medium rare)


Lemon sole – whole sole, lemon cream, sugar snap peas £15.00

Sea bass – mushy peas, tartar relish & fat chips £17.50

Smoked haddock – pan haggerty style with buttered greens £14.80

Sweet potato – potato cakes, lettuce hearts, spicy tomato salsa £13.50(V)

Butternut squash – “Lasagne” style, feta & allotment veg £13.80(V)


Baby gem– with blue cheese dressing & salted walnuts £11.50 (V)

Prawn – chilli prawns with coriander & rocket £11.50

Pork – spicy pork, baby gem lettuce, beetroot and apples £11.50



Mess – meringue, strawberries & balsamic vinegar £4.50 (V)

Chocolate – mousse with espresso & nuts £4.50 (V)

Panacotta – elderflower panacotta & blackberry compote £4.90(V)

Sticky toffee pudding – ice cream, butterscotch £6.80 (V)

Cheese – hand-made biscuits & chutney £6.80 (V)

Plum pudding – fresh cream £5.20 (V)

Ice cream £4.00 (V)




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