Smoked haddock pan haggerty

Bill Oldfield

Smoked haddock pan haggerty Smoked haddock pan haggerty

We’ve had pan haggerty on the menu in various guises for years. Traditionally, this Northumberland dish is vegetarian and simple to make by just baking together potatoes, onions and cheese with a touch of seasoning. Similar dishes exist in just about any country that has a history of eating potatoes including pommes Anna in France or even the Celtic onion and potato cakes. Suffice to say, if you have potatoes and a slow oven, one day, given enough time, you’ll develop pan haggerty or something like it.

To give the dish a twist, we often serve a smoked haddock version of it in the restaurant and we include a few greens at the bottom so making it a complete one-pot meal. Great eaten just on it’s own but it could be accompanied by a green salad or even a few more green vegetables.

It can also…

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