Your call’s unimportant to us

Bill Oldfield

Waiting on the phone Oh yes, you’re call’s important to us!

So you’ve decided to come to our restaurant. We’re delighted and hope that you’ll leave happy at the end of your visit.

Of course, the food has to be good. It helps if it’s as least as good as expected and is a definite positive contribution if it exceeds expectations. However, if the service is poor, product quality counts for nothing – or so I believe, with absolute conviction. It’s something I’ve believed in ever since I started my professional career – any part of it, be it as an engineer or restaurateur.

So, isn’t it an absolute shame that so many products these days are backed by little or no respect for the person that pays the wages? That’s you, that is; the customer.

While writing this I’ve my phone on speaker setting while I wait in a queue for customer service…

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