Wild rabbit in cider

Bill Oldfield

Rabbit in cider Rabbit in cider

I’ve called this Wild Rabbit in Cider because I like the idea of using rabbits that have run free and lived a natural life prior to coming to the pot. However, being wild, the taste and texture of the meat can vary considerably from one rabbit to the next so it’s worth being prepared for that if you try to repeat the dish. Farmed rabbit will produce more consistent results – but at what cost to the rabbit?

Rabbit is an inexpensive and vastly underrated meat which can be found in all good butchers shops. However, you may not find it in your average supermarket. Unless you’re confident, get the butcher to joint the rabbit for you which he’ll do in seconds.

  • One rabbit – jointed into hind legs, saddle and fore legs
  • 250 ml dry cider
  • 100 ml double cream
  • Four sticks of celery
  • Two carrots

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