Mobile phones in restaurants

Bill Oldfield

Mobile phones have changed the world. I know hardly anyone without one these days; even most diehards who, two or three years ago, swore they’d never get one are now surfing the web and texting while on the go. It’s been an incredible revolution over, I guess, the last 20 years. I had my first car phone in the 80s but that wasn’t truly mobile. The fact was, if I wasn’t at my desk, in may car or at home, I still couldn’t be caught by phone.

 But now, if I don’t answer your call, I’m obviously ignoring you and have to spend the first few minutes of the next time we speak explaining that I was already on the phone, in a meeting, out of range, in the toilet or possibly all four things at the same time which doesn’t matter because, well, how would you know?

 One of…

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