Mackerel on toast with ramsons

Bill Oldfield

Mackerel and ramsonsYou may never have heard of ramsons. But you might have heard of wild garlic and it’s the same thing. Purportedly named after being found on the banks of the River Irwell  that flows through Ramsbottom, it’s also occasionally known as bear garlic or boar garlic because of those animals’ liking for it. I’m lucky enough to have it grow at the bottom of my garden and, as the season’s just starting, I’m able to gather it for the restaurant. Some greengrocers sell it but you can pick your own. Usually found along the banks of rivers, it’s easily identified by its garlicky smell, particularly when rubbed between the fingers. It’s important that you test it like this because visually the leaves can be confused with Lily of the Valley which are poisonous!

Mackerel can be filleted by the fishmonger or the recipe works equally well with fresh…

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