Fish stocks

Bill Oldfield

John doryStudies and surveys might drive you mad but they’re also a great source of inspiration; particularly for an aspiring columnist with few original ideas of his own. If I find myself bereft of inspiration for an article about food I only need to open a newspaper to read that there’s been a new study that proves, absolutely and once and for all, that we’re killing ourselves or, possibly, living to the age of 150 due to the bad, or possibly good, diet we’re all consuming.

Surveys result in pious advice being given by the I’ve-read-one-or-two-study experts to us mere mortals in order that we’ll live longer and not cost the NHS too much – I guess they mean in the short term.

We’re frequently told that survey after study has shown that fish is good for us so should be included as much as possible as part of our diet…

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