We should be ashamed

Bill Oldfield

Food shelvesThe debate about food banks bothers me. It’s a very emotional subject, rightly so, but there are aspects of the whole food bank subject that make me uncomfortable; and not just because people are suffering.

The fact that we obviously need food banks is a very sad indictment on what we consider a modern, civilised society.  But I frequently of late, sit and wonder about why so many need them. After all, we’re one of the richest countries in the world and even the poorest of people in our society have greater access to state support than in countries where the majority of the world’s population live.

It seems wrong that we are supporting people, in one of the most humbling ways possible, because we failed, despite our wealth, to provide them with the knowledge to protect themselves from such humiliation. Over the last two hundred years, we became one…

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