Seafood pasta

Bill Oldfield

Seafood pastaSometimes I need a dish that’s just simple and fresh; certainly easy to cook after a day at work. Fish always falls into that category and while we know that fresh is best, fish freezes remarkably well. I’ve always got some in the freezer.

The other day, needing a quick meal, I knew I’d got some squid rings and uncooked large prawns languishing in plastic bags in the freezer. I called at the fishmonger in Durham market for a couple of handfuls of mussels and made the following dish in as long as it takes to cook the pasta.

The ingredients include creme fraiche but it could be double cream with a little more lemon juice added. There’re fresh herbs but they could, at a pinch, be dried; particularly as long as you’ve only recently bought them. And, as you can see in the picture, I’ve used wholewheat fusilli pasta…

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