Get the portion size right

Bill Oldfield

Rat eatingSo, how do we get fat? I always thought that it was fairly straightforward: you like your food too much, put an excessive amount on your plate and therefore shovel down more fuel than you’re actually going to use. As a result it then gets stored on your stomach and fewer members of the opposite sex fancy you.

But no, it appears that it’s not about a lack of meal planning or actually thinking about what’s on the table in front of you. Studies suggest that it’s because we’re cerebrally speed challenged. Or, to put it in words of one syllable, we’re slow.

Various studies with real people have confirmed this. Furthermore, tests with rats, which I’m assured are very similar creatures to humans, have found that they have nerve endings that are slower to send a signal when their stomachs are full, thus leading them to overeat at…

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