The Sunday Social

Sunday should be a time where everyone sits around a table and eats.
Well that’s what we think.

There’s little that’s more British than a Sunday Roast.

Plus, if you’ve a hangover, we’ve got some fab Bloody Mary hangover cures just for you!


Todays soup – ask staff what’s on today £3.50

Smoked salmon, capers & Artisan bread £4.00

Cauliflower fritters & spicy mayo (V) £4.00


Lowlands Farm Shorthorn beef – £9.00

Raby Castle venison – we don’t have many of these, order quickly £11.00

Durham rare-breed pork £9.90

Nut roast – especially for veggie people (V) £8.90

The meat plate – pork, beef and venison together £12.50

All of our roasts come with roasties, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, clapshot, cabbage, proper gravy and Yorkshire pudding


Extra roasties (V) | Proper chips (V) | Mustard greens (V) | House salad (V)

All £2.00


The Screwball – ‘Old School’ Bubblegum ice cream (V) £4.00

Sticky toffee pudding – butterscotch (V) £4.50

Choclate and Kirsch cherry mousse £4.00

Morden Blue cheese – hand-made biscuits (V) £3.50

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