The Month of Love? February Suppers

February – the month of Love (apparently)

Well we love food, I’m sure you can tell.

Here’s our menu for February Suppers, featuring some great dishes as well as some particularly quirky ones.

Anyone remember going to your ice cream man for a “Screwball”?

We’ve got it. Bubblegum ice cream, topped with vanilla and monkeys blood (no real monkeys were harmed)…Lovely

The pulled pork hash cake also appears, topped with a fried egg and served with HP sauce of course!


BBQ chicken wings and pork ribs £6.50
Soused shellfish, pickled veg and Artisan bread £6.00
Soup of the Day £4.50
Breaded Sedgefield camembert & sweet chilli chutney (v) £5.20
Pan haggerty & mustard greens (v) £5.00
Pulled pork hash cake, fried egg & HP £6.30


½ roast chicken, Durham garlic foccacia & fat daddy chips £15.00
Curried Teesdale mutton, cauliflower fritters and Artisan flatbread £13.50
Leek & mushroom hotpot (v) £13.00
Spiced monkfish & beetroot mayo, saffron potatoes £16.50
Vegetarian nut roast, roast potatoes & Yorkshire pudding (v) £12.50


7oz Shorthorn burger with fat daddy chips, bacon, Durham Camembert & onion rings £14.50
Roast of the Day with all the trimmings and a Yorkshire pudding £12.50
8oz steak of the Day, fat daddy chips & winter slaw £market price
Whole roast sea bass, with creamed greens & Wensleydale bacon £17.50


Our famous sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce & Beckleberry’s ice cream from Blaydon (v) £6.90
British cheeseboard: Mordon Blue, Sedgefield Camembert, Mordon Ruddy & Keen’s Somerset cheddar (v) £7.00
The Screwball, bubblegum ice cream & monkeys blood £3.50
Champagne & strawberry meringue mess (v) £4.00
Beckleberry’s ice cream selection & home-made shortbread (v) £3.50
Chocolate and Kirsch cherry mousse (v) £5.00

Please note: a discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.

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