Love lunch in February – 2 courses £9.95

We love lunchtime. Do you?

If you do then you’ve got to pay us a visit.

We’ve got real scrum-diddly-umptious food going on, right here, in the centre of Durham.

Cauliflower fritters are back by popular demend! And we’ve got proper, and we mean proper Corned beef pie, with chips and gravy. Proper food!

This menu starts on Thursday 6th February. It’s awesome (we would say that!) 2 courses £9.95, 3 courses £12.95


Crispy bacon with egg sauce
Today’s soup – ask staff for details
Cauliflower fritters, spiced mayo (v)
BBQ chicken wings
Smoked salmon, capers & Artisan bread


Braised shin of beef, Yorkshire pudding (get some clapshot with this!)
Fish finger with pressed peas (seriously…order some fat Daddy chips)
Raby Castle venison mince and dumplings (get some creamed leeks with this)
Butterbean & cider casserole with grilled goats cheese (V)
Corned beef pie, chips & gravy (order some mushy peas)

Sides £2.00

Braised red cabbage (V) | Clapshot (V) | Saffron potatoes (V) | Fat daddy chips (V) House salad (V) | Mushy peas (V) | Creamed leeks (V)

Sticky toffee pudding & butterscotch sauce
Rosehip rice pudding
Chocolate and Kirsch cherry mousse
Beckleberries ice cream selection
Winter berry mess

Please note: a discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.

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