Free Steak Tuesday – Serious

Well well well.

Thought we’d mention this again for all you steak lovers out there.

Every Tuesday from 5pm ’til 8pm it’s #freesteaktuesday

Simply buy 3 side orders and get a free Flat Iron Steak cooked just for you, exactly how you want it.

You can even pay just £5.00 and upgrade to an 8oz Shorthorn Sirloin.

Plus, seeing as we’re lovely people, every Tuesday, we do some great deals on cocktails too!

So cocktail and a steak, for next to nothing. Wow!

Get a look at this week’s menu:

First course – £4.00

 Curried mutton & flatbread

Soup of the day (V)

Bad Boy smoked fish cakes 

8oz Flat Iron steak

FREE – when you buy 3 sides from below)

(we only cook up to medium – it goes a little tough otherwise)

 10oz Sirloin steak

£5.00 – when you buy 3 sides from below)

 Sides – £3.00

Clapshot                                            Braised red cabbage

Mustard Greens                                     House Salad

Onion Rings                                        Winter Slaw

Fat daddy Chips                                   Pulled pork fritters

 Sauces and extras – £1.00

Peppercorn sauce

Garlic butter

Horseradish cream

Mustard Mayo

Bad boy chilli mayo

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