Good food, innit?

Bill Oldfield

Don’t you just love the French? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve used that phrase in my lifetime. I know I’ve started four food-related articles with it in the last six and a half years. So today makes it a fifth then.

And I do. I love the ways they do things I’d never dare. I once, as an engineer, spent a year with a director of a well known French conglomerate, negotiating the finer legal points of a contract for a multi-million pound project. Oh how the two of us celebrated its signing with Champagne and canapés. Fresh from the party, we met the next day to have our first official project meeting – where he basically tore up the contract. I went puce and nearly exploded. “But . . but . . but we made an agreement, we shook on it, we discussed this over…

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