Roast duck breast with chili noodles and ginger plums

Bill Oldfield

Roast Duck with chilli noodles and plum sauceDuck, noodles, ginger and plums are all traditional Chinese ingredients. But as British plums come into season, here all the ingredients are combined to make a fresh, late summer dish that’s both quick and easy.

Soy sauces are made from fermented and salted soya beans and there are typically two types available in mainstream shops: light and dark. As a guide, light soy sauce is the saltier and doesn’t add as much colour to the dish as the sweeter dark soy sauce.

Serves two

Two duck breasts with the skin scored down to the flesh in a diamond shape.
Egg noodles – enough for two (around a handful per person, fresh or dried)
One chilli – deseeded
A small handful of fresh coriander
Four leaves of basil – shredded
Two plums – cut into four
One inch of ginger – grated
A wine glass of chicken stock
One tablespoon of…

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