Cats know it all

Bill Oldfield

Next time, I’m going to come back as a cat. Cats seem to have it sorted, don’t appear to get stressed, always have enough money and don’t worry about big issues such as the environment. While we, on the other hand, are currently grappling with what is probably the most complex issue we’ve ever had to deal with. You can’t switch on the radio or the TV or open a newspaper without being harangued, pilloried and scared to death about the Big Subject: how are we going to save the planet?

I’m not suggesting the environment isn’t important. After all, I do live in it. It’s just that all my life it seems there’s consistently been a single major issue meant to frighten us to death; one that’s always too big to understand and one to which the commentators and the general public had no real answer, no matter how…

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