Ox Liver with gooseberry jam

Bill Oldfield

Ox liver and gooseberry jamCalves liver is a highly-prized dish but many overlook liver from the more mature animal. Maybe it’s the term ox liver that makes some categorise it similarly to mutton: from an older animal so it must be tough, stringy, fatty or something. Well they’d be wrong. I prize ox liver, not just because it’s great, tender and tasty but because it’s cheap too. You’ll easily get it from good independent butchers.

Of course, you can cook it in the traditional way with onions and there’s no reason that you couldn’t slow cook some sliced onions in the pan for 15 to 20 minutes before cooking the liver as in this recipe.

However, the twist here is the lovely gooseberry jam that goes so well with liver. Easy to make, and very cheap if you can get your hands on your own gooseberry bush, it’s an unusual condiment and really worth…

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