Summer (food) lovin’

We’ve changed our offering on an evening, and made it better!!

We’re offering a great new evening menu, as well as numerous, fantastic specials. When we say special we really mean it – some of our steaks are that special that we only have 2 or 3 of each. (after all you can only get 5 knuckle end steaks from one half of heifer beef!)

Anyway, here goes:

Small Plates

Warm potted crab – potatoes and spiced sausage £6.60

Today’s soup – ask staff for details £4.50

Pork bath chaps – green sauce, salted back fat £5.90

Aubergine casserole – tomato & beans (V) £5.70

Heritage tomato salad – chilli & parsley (V) £5.90

½ dozen oysters – from Carlingford Lough in Ireland £7.00


Calves liver – new potatoes and gooseberry jam £13.80

Fish, chips and peas – whole sea bass, thick chips and mushy peas £17.50

The Oldfields burger – chips, cheddar, bacon & battered onions £14.00

Turnip haggerty – layered turnip, Morden Blue, mustard greens (V) £13.80

½ roast British chicken – garlic butter, chips £16.00

Sides £3.00


1. Crispy pigs ears                     2. Proper chips (V)
3. Mustard courgettes (V)      4. House salad (V)
5. Summer slaw (V)                   6. Fried new pots, spiced sausage and tomato
7. Crushed pots (V)                   8. Mushrooms and garlic (V)



Our famous Sticky toffee pudding – butterscotch and ice cream (V) £6.80

Chocolate brownie sundae – raspberries and cream (V) £6.20

British cheeses – hand-made biscuits, savoury jelly £7.50

Eccles cake – rum, raisins, puff pastry & custard (V) £5.90

Strawberries and cream (V) £5.50

TODAY’S SPECIALS – remember, these change all of the time!

Black pudding Scotch egg – tomato relish (1/2 or whole with chips) £6.00/13.50

Shorthorn sirloin steak – mushroom ketchup and fat chips £21.50

Chicken and mushroom pudding – with crushed potatoes and peas £15.00

Camembert grill – thyme studded with fat chips (V) £13.00

Devilled steak salad – house spice, rump steak £16.00

Salt cod – green beans & Artful Baker bread £5.50

Roast of the Day – ask staff for today’s roast £12.00

Wild mushroom risotto – with pearl barley and Morden Ruddy cheese (V) £6.50/13.50

Shorthorn fillet steak “surf n turf” – fat chips, watercress £22.50

Sedgefield feta salad – apple and walnuts (V) £5.50/10.50

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake (V) £6.00

Pulled lamb hot pot – buttered carrots and peas £16.00

Rum baba – vanilla cream & lemon (V) £5.50

Shorthorn rib-eye steak – heritage tomato salad and chips £20.00

½ pint prawns – mayo, Artful Baker bread £6.50

Please note: a discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.

Oldfields British Food & Craft Beer

18 Claypath, Durham DH1 1RH.

0191 370 9595

Twitter: @eatoldfields Facebook: /OldfieldsEatingHouse Email:

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