Crème brulée

Bill Oldfield

Creme brulleeCrème brulée must be one of the most popular desserts we serve in the restaurant. Customers frequently decide upon it before they’ve even chosen their starter or main course. It’s not often made at home, but it’s so much easier than you think and most of the work can be done in advance. And you don’t necessarily need a blow torch to do the top.

And one further thing: despite the spelling, Crème brulée is a British dessert; originally called burnt cream. However, it seems the French liked at least one thing we cooked and gave it their own fancy name.

Serves four

One pint double cream
Four egg yokes
One to two tablespoons of caster sugar – depending on how sweet you want it
Some demerara sugar for the topping
A few drops of vanilla essence

The first part should be done a few hours before the meal, or…

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