Whisky and orange cured salmon

Bill Oldfield

This is a recipe that seems very special but is, in fact, so easy. Anybody can do it because it’s not really cooking in the accepted sense. Curing salmon was practised by Scandinavian fishermen where they’d bury their fish in the sand at the shoreline, allowing the salt to cure and preserve it. Whether they tipped in a little whisky and orange is doubtful but there’s certainly a tradition of using Aquavit and dill. If a bunch of fishermen can do this, so can you. Whisky and orange cured salmon

In the restaurant we serve this as a starter with a little rapeseed oil. However, it could easily be ripped into pieces and used in a salad or, for canapes, sliced thinly and placed on toasted or fried bread rounds with a little cream cheese or straight on to cheese biscuits.

Obviously, it’s worth getting the best salmon you can. Your fishmonger will skin it…

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