Research? Just Google it

Bill Oldfield

Isn’t Google brilliant?. As long as you stay away from those dodgy sites it’s an amazingly life-enhancing tool and I love it. How many answers to searches does it provide each day? Zillions probably. And each search takes you to all sorts of amazing websites. But, unfortunately, that’s when the problems begin. Because the information contained therein is controlled by the owners of those sites and is therefore often wrong, or partially correct, but sometimes right. This confusion is not Google’s fault and a lot depends upon how you ask your question and then, of course, the interpretation is down to you..

But the biggest problem is that too many people, and they tend to be the younger ones amongst us, automatically take whatever they read there to be gospel. I’m acutely aware that I’m beginning to sound like my parents, but in my day, going to the reference library…

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