Banana loaf with golden syrup

Bill Oldfield

This week’s recipe is for a dessert that couldn’t be easier. And it’s a great way of using those bananas that are beginning to go black that most people don’t seem to want to eat – despite them being at their best at that stage.

Banana loaf

It’s so easy, it only really needs two utensils: a food processor (or mixing bowl) and a loaf tin. Who needs to buy ready-made desserts?

serves 4 to 6

60g hazelnuts
250g self raising flour
125g soft unsalted butter
Four ripe bananas
60g soft brown sugar
Four eggs
Four tablespoons spoons golden syrup (plus a little more to serve)
1kg loaf tin – buttered
Jersey ice cream to serve

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C, gas mark 4

Sieve the self-raising flour and, along with all the other ingredients, put into a food processor and blend everything to a batter. If you don’t have a food…

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