Summer Suppers

Here comes the summer, here comes the summer!

Right. Here’s our new Supper menu, I’ll not mumble on, just let the food speak for itself.


Deep fried Rabbit – bread crumbed, with potato and lemon £5.80

½ dozen oysters – Carlingford oysters with shallot  vinegar £7.00

Cured ham salad – potatoes, Hawthorn Dene  wild garlic £5.80

Spiced tomato soup – served with an Artful Baker roll £5.50

Pork Bath chaps  – green sauce, salted back fat  £5.90

Aubergine casserole – tomato, beans £5.70 (V)

Warm potted crab – potatoes, spiced sausage £6.60

Prawn cocktail – baby gem, Marie Rose £6.00

Heritage tomato salad – with chilli and parsley £5.90 (V)

Salt cod –  with green beans & potato £6.20



Calves liver – with new potatoes and gooseberry jam £13.50

Mini pork joint – celeriac and garlic £14.20

Devilled Kidneys – house spice, roast cauliflower, clapshot £13.50

Lamb shank – in a hotpot style with potatoes & mushrooms £16.50

Beef brisket – in Sonnet 43 beer with broccoli £15.50

Rabbit and black pudding pie –  with proper chips £16.00

Chicken and mushroom pudding –  potatoes and peas £14.00


Crab, new potatoes, watercress £16.20

Fish, chips & peas – whole sea bass, chips, mushy peas £17.50

Kedgeree – spiced pearl barley with smoked salmon and  oyster 15.00

Turnip Haggerty – Morden Blue and salted green beans 13.80  (V)

Courgette oatmeal – with Hawthorn Dene wild garlic £12.90 (V)


Sedgefield Camembert grill – thyme studded with thick chips £13.50 (V)

Sirloin steak – our fab mushroom ketchup, chips £20.00

The Legendary Oldfields Burger – chips, mature cheddar, bacon & battered onions £13.50

Flat Iron Steak  – back fat, chips £16.50
(this can only be done rare or medium rare)

½ whole chicken – garlic butter, chips £16.00


Heritage tomato salad – with chilli and parsley £11.80 (V)

Devilled steak – house spice, beets, tomatoes £13.50

Morden Blue cheese salad – aubergines & beans £12.00 (V)


Eton mess £5.50 (V)

Bread and butter pudding – Green Lane marmalade £5.00 (V)

Chocolate brownie sundae – raspberries, cream £6.20 (V)

Home-made scone – strawberry jam & cream £3.50 (V)

Rum baba – lemon cream, vanilla  £5.50 (V)

Our famous sticky toffee pudding – ice cream, butterscotch £6.80  (V)

Ice cream, rapeseed oil, honey – this actually works! £3.00   (V)

British cheeseboard – hand-made biscuits, quince jelly £7.50 (V)

Beckleberry’s ice cream selection – house shortbread £5.00 (V)


A discretionary service charge (non-discretionary for parties of 8 or more) of 12.5% will be added to your final bill. It does actually go to our team of staff. If you don’t think our service was good enough, please feel free to ask any of us to take it off.

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