The cost of being vegetarian

Bill Oldfield

If you’re looking for a husband, a wife, a life partner, you could do worse than consider a vegetarian. Sure, it can mean tetchy conversations when choosing restaurants because many chefs are so unimaginative about vegetarian cooking. And it can cause confusion when in France where the catering industry rarely seems to acknowledge the phenomenon. But while many in my industry despair at vegetarians, I like them.

First of all, vegetarians tend to think about what they’re eating more than most meat eaters and that’s important when you realise that you’re sticking food into your body every day of your life. They also care about the welfare regarding what’s on their plate while, unfortunately, most meat eaters don’t spend enough time to consider the animal that’s been created, reared and slaughtered for their benefit and eat meat from any old source (hence the horse meat scandal). Furthermore, they’ll probably have…

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