Proper beefburger

Bill Oldfield

When the sun shines, it might make you want to get out the barbeque. But when you do, try making your own burgers rather than buying something suspect from the supermarket.

I’m of the opinion that just about every famous dish used to be good once, even if it’s much maligned now. Black Forest gateau and chicken Kiev are two that immediately spring to mind. But good sausages and beefburgers are also often hard to find. But that doesn’t matter because making your own beefburger is so satisfying, easy and quick. You really should question as to why you’d bother buying suspect supermarket ones.

Seeing as a burger is actually a piece of 100% meat, it really is worth getting good lean meat and a good cut at that. Therefore there’s nothing wrong in maybe using rump, sirloin or even silverside and buy the best quality of beef you can…

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