Do Americans understand us?

Bill Oldfield

Have you ever wondered what the Americans think of us? Here in the UK, we spend so much time reporting Americans’ activities in the news, watching American movies and eating their beef burgers that we seem to miss the obvious fact that they spend a good majority of their time marvelling at the UK.

No, really. Every decade or so our pop music takes them by storm, we occasionally dominate their Oscars ceremonies and they even thought that Margaret Thatcher walked on water. But when not being diverted by these things, they spend most of the rest of their spare time worrying about what we eat.

I once corresponded by email with an American lady who’d seen our website and wasn’t sure about our blatantly British food. Her questions were, I thought at first, rather quaint. She then pointed me in the direction of an American’s on-line review of a…

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