Chocolate brownie dessert

Bill Oldfield

Chocolate brownie dessert 3We’re just introducing the following dessert onto our menu. The recipe makes enough for four people but you could always double up the chocolate brownie part of the recipe if you wanted to make just some brownies on their own.

It’s really something that you can change to suit what you can get your hands on. We’re using some lovely cherries that have been soaked in kirsch but there’s nothing to stop you using fresh stoned cherries, glacé cherries or even some fresh or frozen raspberries. Also, we use a little raspberry coulis that we make ourselves but you could use a pre-prepared sauce or coulis. It’s very much up to you.

Serves four

For the chocolate brownies:
50g butter
50g sugar
One large egg
50g of good quality dark chocolate
50g ground almonds

And then:
Four scoops of vanilla ice cream
Four tablespoons of whipped double cream
A couple…

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