The Sunday Social

What do you do on Sundays?

Mow the lawn?

Paint the fence (Mr Myagi style)?

Watch the Grand Prix?

Get forced to watch the Eastenders omnibus?

We think you should relax….with a nice glass of red, or maybe a cocktail, and one of our fabulous roasts.

Feast your eyes on our new and improved Sunday Social menu.

Prices start from £8.95. #wow

SUNDAY LUNCH 1 course £8.95, 2 courses £12, 3 courses £15


Whipped butterbean scotch egg, tomato jam (V)

Pork Bath Chaps, green sauce, salted back fat

Today’s soup, crusty bread

Devilled whitebait, chilli relish


Beef Topside – roasties, veg, proper gravy, Yorkshire pudding

Mustard green potato bake –  mushrooms and wild garlic (V)

Fish fingers, chips – hot tartar, peas

Roast Lamb – roasties, veg, proper gravy, Yorkshire

Pork Loin –  proper gravy, Yorkshire, apple sauce, roasties


EXTRA BITS (£2.00)

Chips (V)
Sunday veg (V)
Mustard greens (V)
Clapshot (V)
Mushrooms and wild garlic (V)
Potato salad (V)
Yorkshire pudding (50p) (V)



Rum baba, vanilla, lemon (V)

Sticky toffee pudding, ice cream, butterscotch  (V)

British cheeseboard (£2 extra) (V)

Chocolate brownie sundae, cherries (V)

Ice cream selection, shortbread (V)



Bloody Mary – vodka, tomato juice, tabasco

Cosmopolitan –  vodka, Cointreau, lime, cranberry

Elderflower Collins – elderflower, Bombay , soda

Negroni – Campari, sweet vermouth, gin

French 75 – prosecco, gin, lemon, sugar

Flirtini – vodka, pineapple, Champagne



Pinot Grigio, Capito; Italy £5.20/£6.75/£19.75

Chardonnay, Villa Edmara; Chile £4.90/£6.30/£18.75

House white; France £4.70/£5.90/£16.00

Sauvignon Blanc, Bishops Leap; NZ £6.90/£9.20/£27.50

Chablis, Gaston Andre; Burgandy £8.90/£10.20/£31.00



Merlot, Terre du Soleil; France £5.20/£7.00/£20.50

House red; France £4.70/£5.90/£16.00

Pinot Noir Reserva, Casablanca; Chile £7.15/£9.50/£28.50

Shiraz; Foundstone; Australia £4.95/£6.55/ £19.50
Michael Torino Malbec; Argentina £5.50/£7.50/£23.00



House rose; France £4.70/£5.90/£16.00

Laurance Sparkling Rose; France £6.50 / £27.00

San Marco Prosecco; Italy £7.00 / £27.50

Moutard Grand Cuvee; Champagne £8.70 / £49.00


HOT STUFF (just £1 when you eat 3 courses!)

Americano £2.50

Espresso £1.80, Double espresso £2.80

Latte £2.80,

Cappuccino £2.80

Macchiato £2.80

Fruit, herbal and breakfast teas £2.50


A discretionary service charge (non-discretionary for parties of 8 or more) of 12.5% will be added to your final bill. It does actually go to our team of staff. If you don’t think our service was good enough, please feel free to ask any of us to take it off.

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