We’ve popped up – so pop in and see us in Bishop Auckland

Bill Oldfield

BIMSkMVCUAAcnvKI once spent a very late, boozy evening at a dinner with an accountant. Yes, it appears that sometimes accountants can be fun but maybe it takes a three course meal and a couple of bottles of wine. Anyway, we had a mathematical argument. I told him that a banker once told me that restaurants were considered risky businesses and that 19 out of 20 independent restaurants go out of business within three years. He slurred that it was much riskier than that and it was, in fact, 23 out of 24. Well, as is my want, I argued long and hard into the night but, in my defense, he was right up there with me, arguing tooth and nail.

It wasn’t until the morning as I sat on the edge of my bed, feeling wretched with my head in hands, wondering if I’d done anything wrong the night before…

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