Of course you can survive on £53 a week. But is it living?

Bill Oldfield

Of course Iain Duncan Smith can live on £53 a week. Remember, that’s a figure after various other benefits have been taken into account so it’s there for actual luxuries – like food.

It’s a spurious argument really. Iain Duncan Smith lives in luxury compared with most people but, to be honest, there are very few politicians that don’t. He also probably has little to do with the day-to-day running of the minutia of life such as washing his clothes, cleaning the toilet and making the tea. But, and this is where the Mr Angry argument falls down, if he had to live on £53 a week like many people find themselves having to do, he would manage it. He might not like it. He’d almost certainly hate it. But he wouldn’t starve and he’d manage to keep life and limb together; with or without his wealthy connections.

But it’s…

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