Apple chilli jam recipe

Since we put it on the menu, a number of people have asked us for the recipe for apple chillie jam so they could cook it at home. So, resisting the temptation to charge for our intellectual property (!) or insisting you come and eat it at the restaurant (!!), here it is.

It’s really very simple.

10 green chillies
10 apples
330g sugar
Four garlic cloves – peeled
One tin tomatoes

Blitz the chillies and tomatoes in a food processor. Quarter the apple, cut out the core then cut the quarters into four.

Place all ingredients together in a thick bottomed pan and cook gently, stirring occasionally, until the chillies are soft and it starts to become tight and resembles a chunky jam.

Be aware that chillies vary in strength depending on the type you buy and shops don’t always give you a clear guide on what you’re getting.


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