Mussels with cider and thyme

Bill Oldfield

MusselsWe don’t eat enough shellfish which is a shame because, like a lot fish, it’s cheap and very fast to prepare and cook. Mussels are traditionally in season in the colder months – those with an ‘r’ in them, and this March is no exception – and make an ideal quick and tasty starter or main course.

When you buy mussels they’re alive. It’s important that you don’t cook any that were dead before cooking as eating those can make you ill. However, there are two ways that check they’re ok. First, when you get them home, clean them thoroughly under running water and pull off any beard-like attachments. Any that are open, squeeze closed slightly once or twice. If they don’t move and close themselves then they’re dead so discard. And after cooking the mussels, any that haven’t opened should be discarded too as they may have been dead…

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