Is there horsemeat in Iceland?

Bill Oldfield

First published in the Northern Echo
One of the first pages I turn to in the Northern Echo is the letters page: Hear All Sides. It’s compulsive reading; even more so than in most other papers I read. People’s views are always interesting but one would assume it’s generally those who feel very strongly about something who write to the editor. And by the evidence in HAS, it’s quite apparant that there’s a handful of people, predominantly men, who feel very strongly about lots of things.

And one of the most common topics is that of blame. It’s usually the government’s fault, or maybe the labour party, or the sell-out lib dems who’ve ruined everything, or someone else who’s making our lives so miserable. At least we can sleep well in our beds knowing it’s not us to blame.

Blame’s a powerful thing and its use can really cloud an…

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