I don’t wanna be a TV star

Bill Oldfield

Previous published in the Northern Echo

Put yourself in my position. It’s six o’clock at the beginning of the evening, the booking diary’s full, the staff are all briefed, the kitchen’s all prepared, the candles are lit and we’re waiting for the first diners to arrive. It’s quiet at the moment but within a short time we won’t be able to think about anything but looking after our customers.

I’m always slightly nervous at this time and believe that if I didn’t feel the tummy-flutter, if I felt supremely confident, then the evening wouldn’t go so well. I’ve often thought it’s a little like waiting for the curtain to go up before a stage performance; nerves followed by the confidence that goes with getting on with your job.

But there’s a major difference from that of the theatre: we’re not acting. We’re there to serve and to do that you’ve…

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