Horsemeat? we’re all to blame

Bill Oldfield

First published in the Northern Echo.

Young Kieran at work’s just passed his driving test and, like the patronising old fool someone of my age can be, I started to go on and on about how insurance companies insist that this was now the most likely time for him to have an accident.

Even though he didn’t really want to hear this, I pointed out that I didn’t want one of our best waiters hurt and, despite what he might think, it definitely is a dangerous time. Employing youngsters, I’ve seen a lot of them come a cropper;; luckily nothing too serious so far. And it also happened to me. Soon after passing my test at the tender age of 17, I’d borrowed my mum’s mini to take a mate home. Stopped at traffic lights in a busy city centre, I waited for them to turn green and then made…

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