Cream leek and potato broth

Bill Oldfield

Leek SoupIt’s the season of leeks and potatoes – and there’s plenty of local ones available. So here’s a traditional winter warmer. This is a lumpy rather than pureed soup and is so much better than any tinned version. Like most soups, it’s simplicity itself to make. Why don’t more people do it?

Don’t be tempted to put the stock in too early. Gently sautéing the vegetables until nearly cooked adds to the resulting flavour.
Serves two to four

Two leeks – split open and thoroughly washed
Two medium potatoes – peeled
One medium onion – peeled
Three carrots – peeled
Three sticks of celery
Two rashers of smoked bacon
125gm butter
Two litres of good vegetable stock
500ml of double cream
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Chop the leeks, potatoes, onion, carrots, celery and bacon to a similar size – around that of a 1cm dice. Melt the butter…

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