Spring Supper Menu

We’re loving this year so far. We’ve met some great new suppliers and got great feedback about our menus.

Here’s our Spring Supper Menu, we hope you like it.

A few tweaks from Winter obviously, with some proper spring favourites such as Asparagus, and Purple-sprouting broccoli.

There’s a fantastic Bloody Mary Oyster dish and a dish that we call the “3-B’s” Brisket, beer and broccoli.

Puddings-wise, you really must try the Wet Nelly and custard and our fab Rhubarb Eton Mess.

Feast your eyes…………………





Asparagus, egg sauce, chives £6.30 (V)

Pickled herring, spring onion, mayo £5.50

Teesdale mutton casserole, potato, carrots £6.90

Today’s soup £5.50 (V)

Pork Bath chaps, green sauce, back fat £5.80

Smoked salmon, capers, dill £6.50

Blue cheese & little gem salad, tomato  £6.00 (V)

Bloody Mary oysters £6.00

Spiced egg & purple broccoli salad, lemon £5.50 (V)

Deep-fried rabbit legs, lemon £5.80




Calves liver, rhubarb, potatoes £13.50

Steamed beef & oyster pud, potatoes, peas £16.80

Pork chop, cockles, potatoes, green sauce £14.00

Chicken pie, leeks, chips £14.40

Devilled kidneys, roast cauliflower, clapshot £13.50

Braised brisket, beer ,broccoli £15.50

Rabbit & black pudding casserole, bacon £16.00

Lamb shank, baby veg, cream £16.50

Flat Iron steak, back fat, chips  £16.50

(this can only be done rare or medium rare)

Sedgefield Camembert, thyme, chips  £13.50 (V)

Sirloin steak, mushroom ketchup, chips £20.00

The Oldfields burger, cheddar, battered onions, bacon, chips £13.50

½ whole chicken, garlic butter, chips £16.00


Fish, bean & cider casserole £14.50

Whole sea bass, green sauce, potatoes £17.50

Haddock and cockle kedgeree £15.00

King Oyster mushroom burger & chips, £11.50 (V)

Spiced lentil & spinach casserole, potatoes £12.80 (V)



Mustard greens (V)

House salad (V)

Chips (V)

Cider beans (V)

Salted back fat & nuts

Clapshot (V)

Boiled potatoes (V)

Green sauce (this goes with anything) (£1.80)

Pepper sauce (£1.80) (V)

Yorkshire pudding (50p)                                                                                     

All £3.00



Wet Nelly & custard £6.00 (V)

Rhubarb Eton mess £5.50 (V)

Rice “pudding”, condensed milk, jam £5.00 (V)

Chocolate cake, cherries, cream £6.50 (V)

Lemon curd tart £6.50 (V)

Sticky toffee pudding, ice cream, butterscotch  £6.80 (V)

Ice cream, brandy, coffee £3.00 (V)

British cheeseboard , biscuits, port prunes £7.50 (V)

Ice cream selection, shortbread £5.00 (

A discretionary service charge (non-discretionary for parties of 8 or more) of 12.5% will be added to your final bill. It does actually go to our team of staff. If you don’t think our service was good enough, please feel free to ask any of us to take it off.

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